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Key concepts

Page Feedback for Confluence allows you to provide feedback about page content and evaluate a page’s reception. Collect and aggregate feedback for Confluence content within a space.


A page may be outdated, inaccurate, or irrelevant. How do you track the health of a page to help content creators with content maintenance?

To continue improving the quality of the content, feedback is necessary. This is especially true when maintaining a Confluence space that serves information to the organization, administrators, and public-facing users.

The Confluence comment section does not have specific categories or queries that you want to specify to your users or a way to quantitatively and qualitatively measure the quality of a space.


  • Maintain confidence in your content.

  • Track feedback over time to see how your content is evolving.

  • Use the feedback to improve your content and make it more useful for your users.

Key features

  • A discreet and non-intrusive mechanism for readers to provide feedback on a page’s content.

  • Content creators can increase the visibility of a feedback mechanism for readers.

  • A dashboard that allows content managers and creators to review and prioritize their actions based on the feedback received.

  • Set up webhooks to create action items such as Workplace posts, Jira, or JSM tasks for their teams.

Use cases

  • Document management

  • Document health-monitoring

  • Feedback collection and approval

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