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Creating a webhook via Workplace

Webhooks are only triggered when a user selects a reason. If a user only provides a sentiment, the webhook will not be triggered.

You need to be a group administrator to perform these steps.

  1. In Workplace, select a group.

  2. Select More from the navigation bar > select Integrations.

  3. Click Create bot in the Create publishing bot category.

  4. Upload a logo, create a name, and provide a short description for your publishing bot. Then, click Create.

  5. Click Copy URL to copy your webhook URL.

  6. Then, tick I understand and click the Done button to complete the setup on Workplace.

  7. In Confluence, go to any space > click Space Settings > under Integrations, click Page Feedback Webhooks.

  8. Click Add Webhook, enter a webhook into the Label field, and paste the copied link from Step 5 into the Webhook URL field. Then, click Save.

  9. You have successfully created an endpoint from your Confluence space to your Workplace group.

  10. A post will be made in your Workplace group when a user provides feedback in a Confluence space.


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