The older versions of this app (before 5.x) are still free but they will display a "license is required" message during the first launch. To continue using the older app for free, you can either install version 4.3.1 (the last free version) or contact the support team to generate a free license. See below for more details about these steps.

Versions prior to 5.x is no longer supported by ServiceRocket. Bug fixes, compatibility upgrades, and new features will only be added to the paid version.


To continue using the app for free, we recommend you install or upgrade to version 4.3.1, This is the last free version and it can be used without a license (it does not prompt for one either). Follow the steps below to install version 4.3.1:  

  1. Download the app below from the Page Approval Version List:

  2. Access Confluence and navigate to Confluence Administration > Manage Apps

  3. Click Upload App on the top right.

  4. Then, click Choose File and locate the previously downloaded file.

  5. Click Upload and wait for the update process to finish.

Alternatively, if you need to use a specific version of the app which is older than version 4.3.1 (for example, version 4.2.17), you may contact our support team to help you generate a free license.

You can find out what version of Page Approval is on your server by navigating to Confluence Administration > Manage Apps. Then, expand the Page Approval tab to see the version number.