Notes about migration

  • Some legacy Macro parameters from Confluence Server are not supported yet. More details at our FAQ page. 

  • Server users migrating to the cloud will not lose any data.

  • Some server-version parameters are currently unsupported and are ignored by the macro, but all server data will be retained. These functions will automatically work when the function is available in the future.

Creates a list of pages, websites and email addresses the current page links to. This macro is mainly used for internal pages, and for reporting and auditing purposes.

Default content may be included as the body to be shown if no links exist.

The link has a character limit of 255 characters. If the link is too long, it will be trimmed down and cause a broken link. This may affect links that were created prior to Linking 4.0.5.



Migratable to Cloud?

Default Value



  • (X)

  • NO

The page to search on.


  • (X)

  • YES

No default value

The key spaces from which linked pages must come from. Spaces should be comma-separated.

Will only list linking pages in the specified spaces.

These special values are also supported:

  • @all - All spaces, both personal and global

  • @personal - All personal spaces

  • @global - All non-personal spaces

  • @favourites - All the current user's favourite spaces

Display Mode

  • (X)

  • NO


The mode in which the links are displayed; either in list or flat mode.


  • (X)

  • NO


The style of the separator, if Display Mode is set to flat.

May be one of the following:

  • brace - Braces (''{'', ''}'') surrounding each item.

  • comma - A comma ('','') between each item.

  • paren - Parentheses (''('', '')'') surrounding each item.

  • pipe - A pipe (''|'') between each item.

  • newline - A line break after each item.

  • "custom" - Any other value you wish, specified between quotes.

Bullet Style

  • (X)

  • YES

The style of the bullet points, if Display Mode is set to list:

  • icons - Displays the standard Confluence page-type icons.

  • none - No bullets displayed.

  • CSS list-styles - Any standard CSS list-style values. e.g.: "disc", "square", etc.

Maximum Results

  • (X)

  • NO

The maximum number of results to display.

Display Excerpt

  • (X)

  • YES


If enabled (true), displays the page excerpt next to the link.

Content Types

  • (X)

  • NO

Will only list linking pages of the specified types. Types should be comma-separated. Valid types include:

  • page - Wiki pages

  • news - Blog/News posts

  • comment - Page or blog comments

  • spacedescription - Space description

  • userinfo - User profile

  • attachment - An attachment

  • mail - Mail archive

  • mailto - A 'mailto' link

  • url - An external URL.

  • unresolved - An unresolved link.


  • (X)

  • NO

Allows the possible pages to be restricted to a specific page parent/child scope. More than one filter may be applied.


  • scope=My Page>children - the direct children of "My Page"

  • scope=ds:My Page>children - the direct children of "My Page" in "ds" space

  • scope=My Page>descendents - any descendents of "My Page".

  • scope=My Page>ancestors, Other Page>ancestors - any ancestors of both "My Page" and "Other Page".

  • @self can also be used to reference the current page title, instead of specifying exact page titles. E.g., if current page title is "Product Homepage", then scope=@self>children - the direct children of "Product Homepage".


  • (X)

  • NO

No default value

The list of labels the page may or may not have attached. Specify + for required, or - for excluded.

You can prefix + to make the label required, or prefix - to exclude it.

Eg :

  • labels=local,-international - would match content that has "local" label as long as it does not also have the "international" label.

  • labels="factory-made" -  Use this search format, if you need to specify a value which contains any of the special characters (namely +, -, ", ; and comma), just wrap it in a set of quotes. 

More examples are shown in the table below.




will match content that has either the "local" or "international" label


will match content that has "local" label as long as it does not also have the "international" label.


will match content that has both the "local" and "international" labels, or only has the "international" label. It will not match content which has the "local" label alone.


will only match content that has both the "local" and "international" labels.