The Connector for Google Drive & Confluence version 3.0.0 brings numerous changes to the connector’s user experience.

To ensure that the upgrade from the prior version to version 3.0.0 onwards goes well, take note of the following items.

Updating selected scopes

Users will need to update the scope of the app to read-only, the steps to achieve this are detailed in our Creating a Client ID step. 

Allowlist Google OAuth2

It is advised to whitelist/allowlist Google and Google APIs as mentioned in the Adding Google to the Confluence Allowlist step.

New Allowlist for Google OAuth2

Version 3.0.0 of the connector uses a design where the Confluence server has to communicate with Google OAuth2 servers. It is essential that Confluence is able to make outgoing connections with Google. If a proxy is being used as an allowlist, the Google OAuth endpoints( are needed.