When a user first loads a page with tabs, you may want them to see a specific tab first.

You can set a specific tab to be the default shown tab with the Show Card macro.





Show Card


Let's create a series of three tabs and have the third tab shown by default. 

Part 1: Create the tabs (see: Creating Tabs):

  1. Type {deck} to create a Deck of Cards macro.

  2. A preview panel will appear. Type "Example" for the ID of your Deck of Cards.
    Click Insert.

  3. Type {card} inside the Deck of Cards macro to create your first tab.

  4. A preview panel will appear. Type in a Card Label and Card ID.
    For this example, let's type in "First" for both. Click Insert.

  5. Type or insert the content for that tab inside the Card macro. For this example, let's type "Content for first tab".

  6. Repeat steps 3 to 6 until you have three tabs.

Part 2: Direct the user to a tab:

  1. Above the Deck of Cards macro, insert a Show Card macro by typing {show-card}

  2. A preview panel will appear.

    1. In the Deck field, type in the ID of the Deck we just created, which is "Example".

    2. In the Card field, type in the ID of the tab. Let's use "Third" to show the third tab.

    3. Within the macro itself, type "Click Here".

  3. Click Insert.

Now when a user clicks on "Click Here", he will be directed to the third tab. 


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