This guide focuses on using the Card and Deck of Cards macros which are only available in the Server version. For Cloud, use the Tabs macro instead.

Creating tabs for your pages is simple and only requires a few steps and macro commands.

Tabs are useful for compartmentalizing information into their own separate section, so as not to clutter pages with too much information at once.





Deck of Cards, Card


  1. Create a Deck of Cards macro. This will serve as the "container" which holds all the different tabs (cards).

  2. Give the Deck of Cards macro a unique ID.

  3. Within the Deck of Cards macro, create a Card macro. Each card represents a different tab.

  4. Give the Card macro an appropriate Card Label.

  5. You should have something that looks like this:

  6. Now create as many Card macros as you want tabs.
    For example:

  7. Put in the content that you want in each Card macro.
    For example:


Not applicable.