Many Confluence macros do not work properly when nested within a Tab or Tab Group macro.

(info) This KB is for the Tab Group / Tab macros. If you're looking for compatible macros within the newer Tabs Macro, refer to the Tabs documentation (with an 's').


Confluence Cloud


Due to limitations with Confluence Cloud's live editor, nested macros no longer work as before. What this means for Composition is that many macros do not function as intended when nested within either a Tab or Tab Group macro.


A solution is forthcoming.

In the meantime, the following is a list of compatible and incompatible macros:




1Action Item Macro(error)

Activity Stream Macro


Anchor Macro

4Attachments Macro(error)
  • Drag and drop does not work
  • Unable to expand the attachment info

Blog Posts Macro

  • No UI error, but unable to create blog post
6Change-History Macro(tick)
7Chart Macro(error)
8Cheese Macro(tick)
9Children Display Macro(tick)
10Code Block Macro(error)
  • The text inside code-block macro is not displayed
11Column Macro(tick)
12Content by Label Macro(tick)
13Content by User Macro(tick)

Content Report Table Macro

15Contributors Macro(tick)
16Contributors Summary Macro(tick)
17Create from Template Macro(error)
  • Infinite spin on the button
18Create Space Button Macro(error)
  • The link will lead to 404
19Excerpt Include Macro(error)
20Excerpt Macro(tick)
21Expand Macro(tick)
22Favorite Pages Macro(tick)
23Gallery Macro(tick)
24Global Reports Macro(tick)

iFrame Macro

  • Will lead to 404
26IM Presence Macro(warning)
  • Unconfirmed
27Include Page Macro(error)
28Info, Tip, Note, and Warning Macros(tick)
29Jira Chart Macro(error)
30Jira Issues Macro(error)
  • Single issue will display accordingly
  • JIRA Filter will not resulted in an error
31JUnit Report Macro(tick)
32Labels List Macro(tick)
33Livesearch Macro(tick)
34Loremipsum Macro(tick)
35Multimedia Macro(tick)
36Navigation Map Macro(error)
37Network Macro(error)
38Noformat Macro(error)
  • The text is not displayed
39Office Excel Macro(error)
40Office PowerPoint Macro(error)
41Office Word Macro(error)
42Page Index Macro(tick)
43Page Properties Macro(tick)

Page Properties Report Macro

45Page Tree Macro(error)
46Page Tree Search Macro(tick)
47Panel Macro(error)
  • By default, the Tab macro does not show the panel macro. If you edit the Tab macro, the panel macro is visible.
  • Removing the panel title will allow you to view the panel macro's content but the panel macro's border will not show. 
48PDF Macro(error)
49Popular Labels Macro(tick)
50Profile Picture Macro(tick)
51Recently Updated Dashboard Macro(tick)
52Recently Updated Macro(tick)
53Recently Used Labels Macro(tick)
54Related Labels Macro(tick)
55Roadmap Planner Macro(error)
56Search Results Macro(tick)
57Section Macro(tick)
58Space Attachments Macro(tick)

Space Details Macro

  • The Space Icon is missing
  • Edit link does not work
60Spaces List Macro(error)
  • Tabs lead to 404
61Status Macro(tick)
62Table of Contents Macro(error)
63Table of Content Zone Macro(error)
64Task Report Macro(error)
  • Cannot click to complete task
65User List Macro(tick)
66User Profile Macro(tick)

67Widget Connector Macro(tick)