We provide a free, fully-featured 30-day trial for Attendance Taker for Classroom.

If the trial has ended and you would like to continue using Attendance Taker for Classroom, you may purchase a subscription.

Your data will be kept for another 30 days after your trial period has ended. The monthly subscription is $1.50 a month, while the annual subscription is $10 a year. Only the teacher needs to pay for a subscription, that is, the number of students in a classroom does not matter. 

Custom pricing plans for schools and institutions are also available. For more details, visit the subscription section.

Purchasing a subscription

  1. Go to your Google Calendar, and click on the Attendance Taker icon on the sidebar.
  2. Click the Subscribe now button located at the bottom of the add-on.
  3. Click Subscribe on the Attendance Taker for Classroom website and you will be brought to the Our Plan section.

  4. Select your preferred subscription plan and click on the Subscribe or Get a quote button. 

  5. In this example, we will subscribe to the Monthly Subscription. Enter your email address and click Next.

    (warning) Enter your Google Account email that has the add-on installed when subscribing to a plan.  

  6. Enter your payment details and agree to the Terms of Service. You are now subscribed!