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Setting up Automatic Issue Links for Jira

As an administrator, create and set up the automated links for the issue types in your Jira instance.

Subscribing to the app

  1. In Jira, click Apps > Manage your apps > Automatic Issues Links for Jira Configuration.

  2. Click Subscribe to apply for a valid license. Enter a coupon code if you have it.

  3. Click Proceed To Checkout, enter your email, and click Next.

  4. A One-Time Password (OTP) will be sent to your email address, copy and paste the password into the subscription form’s field.

  5. Next, enter your billing address.

  6. Then, read the Privacy Policy and GDPR Frequently Asked Questions and click the checkbox to agree.

  7. Verify your subscription details to make sure the details provided are accurate.

  8. Then, click Try It Free to complete the subscription order.

  9. You will be redirected to the License tab of the app to view the license details.

Configuring Jira Autolinker

  1. Click on the Custom Rules tab and perform the following actions:

    1. Choose an issue type from the dropdown list.

    2. Click Add issue type and the issue type will be added to the section below the page.

    3. Under Issue Link, select an issue link type from the dropdown list.
      (info) In the example below, a comment is added to the ticket, LVP-5, which links to LVP-4. In LVP-5, the linked issue is an outward link, while in LVP-4, it is an inward link. For more information, refer to Issue links - what is the meaning of “inward” and “outward”.

      Outward linking in action

      Inward linking in action

    4. Under Enabled, toggle the issue type to enable it.

    5. Click Save changes to complete the configuration. The automatic issue linking can be used in your Jira projects.

  2. Repeat substep b.) to create more automatic issue links.

For more information on creating issue types and issue linking, refer to the following documentation:

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