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Key concepts

Automatic Issue Links for Jira allows you to automatically link issues that are referenced in the comments of an issue. This linking is bi-directional as you can reference the linking from both issues that are linked together.


When creating or updating an issue, related issues in the description and comments are referenced in the main issue. Often times users forget to link referenced issues to the main issue.

Linking issues is a manual, time-consuming effort that doesn’t provide context over why the issue links exist. Even when the issue to be linked is mentioned in the comments, performing the linking requires additional effort.


  • Link multiple issues, based on custom rules, by adding comments and mentioning the issues to be linked.

  • Provide details for team members on why these issues should be linked with comments.

  • Keeps backlog organized.

Key features

  • Build custom automation rules using issue types and issue linking.

  • Link multiple issues simply by adding a comment.

  • Keep track of related issues and stay in context.

  • Link issues between Jira and Jira Service Management.

Use cases

  • Backlog management

  • Context for team members

  • Cross-project tracking

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