The connector can notify relevant Workplace users upon field changes in Jira.  For example, when someone updates the summary of a Jira issue, a notification will be sent to Workplace Chat along with details of the changes.

It's a great way to keep yourself updated on work progress, get a unified view of your notifications, and reduce the need for email notifications.

A Jira issue is associated with a group conversation on Workplace Chat. Each group conversation is identified with the Jira issue's information; key, priority, status, and summary. This helps you to easily identify what the group conversation is about. 

If you reinstall the app, the bot will not reuse previous Workplace chats, and it will instead create new ones.

Receiving notifications

To receive notifications on Workplace Chat, you will need to:

  • Be either an assignee or watcher of the Jira issue (see How to watch an issue?). 

    The issue reporter is no longer added to the chat by default, and they can only access the chat if they are assigned to the issue, or are added as watchers.
  • Have Workplace and Jira accounts registered with the same email address
  • Have your administrator configured the notification settings for required field changes.

Understanding group conversation

When a Jira issue is created, a new group conversation is created on Workplace Chat with all the Jira issue watchers as the group members. This helps all the participants to be aware of what's happening and be able to collaborate directly through Workplace Chat.

In previous Connector versions, the issue reporter was added to Workplace Chat by default. This may not be ideal in some cases, so the behavior has been changed in the latest version. Now the issue reporter is no longer added by default, and they can only access the chat if they are assigned to the issue, or are added as watchers.

Consider the following Jira issue as an example, which shows Jira user Barbara Walton added a comment, and there are 4 watchers in the issue:

Upon creation of the Jira issue, a group conversation will be created in Workplace Chat. It has all the necessary details and participants of the Jira issue:

If there are additional watchers, the connector will add the corresponding Workplace users to the group conversation. Similarly, a person will be removed from the group conversation if they are no longer a reporter or assignee unless they are still a watcher.

From this point onwards, you can now collaborate directly from inside Workplace Chat. Share your progress, comments, and work towards a resolution, as a team:

Additionally, high-priority Jira issues will be marked with a  ! icon (exclamation point) in the group conversation title and status updates.