This guide helps you to set up the connection between Jira and Workplace. 

Install the Workplace app

  1. Click Apps Connector for Workplace and Jira to reach the app's configuration page.
  2. Click Start on Step 1: Connect to Workplace card. 

  3. You will be redirected to the Installation Wizard page. 
  4. Click Start to launch the installation wizard.

  5. Open the link given in a new tab, then click I've opened the link.

  6. In the new tab, you will be redirected to the Integrations page on Workplace with an app installation screen.
  7. Click Add to Workplace

  8. You'll see an installation confirmation page to indicate a successful installation. In the installation wizard, click I've received the success message.

  9. Click Go to Get Started to return back to the configuration page. The installation wizard has been completed.

  10. The card has turned green to indicate that the setup has been successful. 

  11. You can now proceed to the next step, Configuring notifications.