The start and end date parameters allow you to hide content in your page only at a specific period of time before it expires. This guide will help you to define when to show content in your page with the Hide if macro. 



Visibility for Confluence Server


Hide If


  1. Create a Hide If macro on your page.

  2. Fill in the Start Date and End Date fields using the date picker widget to set the duration for the macro to be hidden.

  3. Fill in the other fields to filter your users using the following parameters: Match Using, Special Username, Users, or User Groups.

  4. Click Save to close the dialog box.

  5. Within the macro, enter the content you want to share. Select Publish to save the editor. 

  6. The page will now hide the content you placed within the Hide If macro to the users you selected for the specified duration of time. Once the duration expires, the content will not be visible to everyone. 


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