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Part 8 - Creating the category homepage using Reporting

Create a homepage for each category to list all the articles available in that category:

Link to Add New Article (optional)

  1. Insert an add-page macro from our Linking add on.
  2. Edit the add-page macro.
  3. Name can be left blank if you do not wish to add a default page title.
  4. Enter the name of the link in Link Text.
  5. Enter the name of the template you wish to render in Source.
  6. Remember to check Live Template so that the new page renders a live-template block!

  7. Finally, enter the name of the labels you wish to attach to the new page in Labels.

Creating the Article Listing

  1. Enter a title for the listing, for example, 'List of articles labeled under...'
  2. Insert a report-info block to display the title of the article, which is also the name of the label.
  3. Edit the report-info block and enter content:title in Key.
  4. Insert a report-list block.
  5. In the report-list block, insert a local-reporter and report-body block.
  6. Edit the local-reporter block and enter content:children in Key.
  7. Insert a date-sort block inside the local-reporter block.
  8. Edit the date-sort block and enter content:modification date in Key.
  9. In the report-body block, insert three report-info blocks.
  10. For the first report-info block, enter content:title in Key and check Link To Item.
  11. For the second report-info block, enter content:modification date in Key.
  12. For the third report-info block, enter content:modifier in Key and check Link To Item.
  13. In between the report-info blocks, add some helpful words to give the data more context.

This layout can be used continuously across different categories, you just have to change the label and template source in the add-page macro.

Understanding the Reporting structure

Click here for the source code...

Category homepage

<p class="auto-cursor-target">
  <ac:structured-macro ac:macro-id="e5bd2965-4f64-4476-8cfa-901eafe45a5a" ac:name="add-page" ac:schema-version="1">
    <ac:parameter ac:name="linkText">Add a new article to this category</ac:parameter>
    <ac:parameter ac:name="source">KB how to article</ac:parameter>
    <ac:parameter ac:name="live">true</ac:parameter>
    <ac:parameter ac:name="labels">how-to</ac:parameter>
<p> </p>
<p>List of articles labeled under <ac:structured-macro ac:macro-id="ba9381db-531b-407b-8ed3-c251881c0793" ac:name="report-info" ac:schema-version="1">
    <ac:parameter ac:name="">content:title</ac:parameter>
  </ac:structured-macro>: </p>
<ac:structured-macro ac:macro-id="25daa117-a072-42de-be4f-7c2ef960df74" ac:name="report-list" ac:schema-version="1">
  <ac:parameter ac:name="depth">all</ac:parameter>
    <ac:structured-macro ac:macro-id="09e7c568-e8e2-4263-9618-66c3cbd9c642" ac:name="local-reporter" ac:schema-version="1">
      <ac:parameter ac:name="">content:children</ac:parameter>
          <ac:structured-macro ac:macro-id="b5470301-df2f-47de-850b-eaa8bf5a4910" ac:name="date-sort" ac:schema-version="1">
            <ac:parameter ac:name="order">descending</ac:parameter>
            <ac:parameter ac:name="">content:modification date</ac:parameter>
    <ac:structured-macro ac:macro-id="ee457283-cd1e-4f9b-9853-8f9c4b288b06" ac:name="report-body" ac:schema-version="1">
          <ac:structured-macro ac:macro-id="660b326e-e8f3-452c-8019-9796090375b0" ac:name="report-info" ac:schema-version="1">
            <ac:parameter ac:name="link">true</ac:parameter>
            <ac:parameter ac:name="">content:title</ac:parameter>
          </ac:structured-macro> (Last modified on <ac:structured-macro ac:macro-id="110afde8-7b82-40cc-ab7b-9b05615ba2bc" ac:name="report-info" ac:schema-version="1">
            <ac:parameter ac:name="">content:modification date</ac:parameter>
          </ac:structured-macro> by <ac:structured-macro ac:macro-id="8fec56c8-b56f-4079-8833-123cc894b6c4" ac:name="report-info" ac:schema-version="1">
            <ac:parameter ac:name="link">true</ac:parameter>
            <ac:parameter ac:name="">content:modifier</ac:parameter>

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