Method 1

  1. Click Create button in the top header.
  2. Choose blank page.
  3. Insert live-template macro.
  4. Edit the live-template macro, and type in the name of the template you wish to render. For example, 'Subproject'.

Method 2

Using our Linking add-on, you can create a link to add a new page that renders a specific template.

  1. Insert add-page macro.
  2. Edit the add-page macro.
  3. Name can be left blank if you do not wish to add a default page title.
  4. Enter the name of the link in Link Text.
  5. Enter the name of the template you wish to render in Source, in this case it's Subproject.
  6. Remember to check Live Template so that the new page renders a live-template block!
  7. Finally, enter the name of the labels you wish to attach to the new page in Labels.

You can now insert this add-page block anywhere you wish to quickly add new articles. Multiple links can be made to create different articles with different templates.