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What are the intent and limitations of the Surveys for JSM app?


This document will help you understand:

  • The purpose of enabling API in the configuration page of Surveys for Jira Service Management (Surveys for JSM) settings.

  • How data is stored and who can modify the Surveys for JSM data.

  • The limitations of the Surveys for JSM app.


What is the purpose of enabling API in the Surveys for JSM app?

Surveys for JSM uses a webhook to trigger an action (sending an email with a link to a survey) when a “condition” (set in Automation by Jira) is met. The app generates reports based on the surveys answered by the customers – this data can be pulled through the usage of API.

Can Service Management users modify SurveyJSM data using API?

The users are unable to modify data using API. Surveys for JSM metadata properties cannot be modified via API.

What are the limitations of triggering the survey in the Survey for JSM app?

There are no limitations on the condition to trigger the survey. The user can create different conditions using Jira automation.

What information is stored by the SurveyJSM app?

Atlassian API is used to get information about Surveys for JSM users . Only the user ID is stored.

The user ID is stored so that the app is able to make requests to the Atlassian API. The app gets the name of the user and displays it on the Survey Report page and the Review Survey sidebar.

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