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Stats On Supplier


Performs basic statistical analysis on values in a Collection of items.

This supplier takes a quoted keychain which will usually point to a number, date, or other 'comparable' value, and processes each item, resulting in a Stats report that lets you access the results, such as the sum, average, min, max, etc. Also, see the grouping-reporter for more complex options.



Stats On Supplier



Supported Content:

Anything, but Collections will be the most effective.

Provided By:

Reporting for Confluence, from version 3.2.0

Supported Keys

The following is the list of keys which this supplier will return a value for.

Content Types
Return Type

"prefix:key > prefix:key"



The quoted keychain to perform analysis on. This should point to a single value, typically a number, date, or other 'comparable' value.


Average Versions Per Page

This will output the average number of versions for each child page of the parent page.

  1. Create a Report Info macro
  1. Insert the following for the Key parameter:

page:children > stats-on:"page:version history > collection:size" > stats:value average

  1. Insert a parent page for the Source parameter. In our example, we used the List of Suppliers page.

List of Suppliers: 5.761904761904762

Things to Note
  1. We start with a collection ('page:children').
  2. "page:version history > collection:size" is in quotes. This is so that that 'stats' keychain gets passed into the 'stats-on' supplier, and doesn't become part of the main keychain.
  3. After the 'stats-on' section, we continue to the Stats Supplier to retrieve the value we're after, in this case 'value average', which is the average of all non-blank values.
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