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Scaffold Data Supplier


Provides access to data set using Scaffolding Macro Reference

These keys are case-sensitive. You must provide the same key as was used to save the data.



Scaffold Data Supplier



Supported Content:

Confluence Content

Provided By:

Scaffolding Forms & Templates for Confluence Server and Data Center

Supported Keys

The following are the list of keys which this supplier will return a value for.

Content Types
Return Type

[Scaffold Data Name]

Confluence Content


Returns the value stored for the specified Scaffolding data value. May be any type supported by Scaffolding, including Text, Numbers, or References, to name a few.

If a data field is inside another group, it can be specified by putting a period (".") between the field names (e.g.: "Group.Field Name").


Simple Data

Set up a page called 'Test Page' with some simple Scaffolding data on it like this:

*Text:* {text-data:Text}{text-data}*Number:* {number-data:Number}*Date:* {date-data:Date|format=dd MMM, yyyy}

Then, using a table report, you can display all pages containing the specified scaffolding data like this:

{report-table}{content-reporter} {report-column:title=Text}{report-info:data:Text}{report-column}{report-column:title=Number}{report-info:data:Number|format=#,##0.00}{report-column}{report-column:title=Date}{report-info:data:Date|format=dd-MM-yyyy}{report-column} {report-table}

Additional Notes for {list-data}

To inject values from {list-data}, {attachment-data} or use it in {text-filter}, you may need additional keychains

e.g.: %data:myList>collection:first% as it is stored as collection.

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