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Step 2 - Secure Macro Transformation to Secrets (Security & Encryption)

 The steps on this page guide you to transform the server secure macro data to Confluence Cloud Secret data:


  • You have reviewed everything on the previous page. Step  1 - Run CCMA (Security & Encryption)
  • You have completed all previous steps.
  • You have administrator access to Confluence Cloud. 
  • (warning) The user running the migration needs to ensure they have the “Add pages” space permission in Confluence Cloud. 


To ensure a successful cloud migration, an administrator who does not have access to a secure macro will be added as a user owner of migrated secrets.


Prepare the following values from Confluence Security and Encryption server

ValueMethod to Obtain
Space key and Migration name
  1. Go to General Configuration

2. Then on your left menu- navigate to Migration Assistant

3. You can find details of previous migration at Migration Dashboard, access it via clicking MIGRATE YOUR DATA

4. You need the following details from the Migration Dashboard- Migration name  and Space Key. This will be the input for the next step

Migration Private Key and Passphrase

1. Go to the gear icon Manage apps

2. Scroll to the Security and Encryption Configuration > Settings

3. Scroll to the bottom of the Settings page to find the View Migration keys link.

4. Input the previously obtained values from Migration Dashboard, i.e Migration name  and Space Key

5. This will result in the final data that you need to bring over to your transformation step at Confluence cloud. Keep this result handy for the next steps at Confluence Cloud.

Steps at Confluence Cloud

Perform the transformation of the Secure Macro

  1. Navigate to each migrated space in Cloud, which has secure macros.

    1. Click on Secret Administration on the left panel of the space.  
    2. Click on the Server Migration tab. 
      1. Select the secrets that are to be transformed. Next, click Migrate Selected Secrets, and a pop-up will appear. 
      2. Insert the Migration Private Key and Passphrase from the previous step

  2. You will be presented with two possible scenarios after this step
    1. Successful Scenario

      1. Successfully transformed Secrets will now appear in the Secrets tab. You will no longer see them in the Server Migration  tab
      2. Verify the Secrets transformation by reviewing whether they appear correctly on the pages on which they are located. 
    2. Failed Scenario
      1. Review the troubleshooting steps. 
      2. In the event that these do not resolve the issue, contact us via our Support service desk

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