This page documents the timeout features of the Secure macro:



Security and Encryption




Setting the Personal Default Timeout

By default the Secure macro provides a 15 second countdown before it times out and locks the secret decrypted screen. This default countdown can be adjusted if you feel 15 seconds is too short.

  1. After the secret has been decrypted, you will see a timer counting down on the top right corner of the secret decrypted screen with the Close button and a pulldown menu.

  2. Choose the Edit auto-close timeout option and a pop-up window will appear.
    Set your desired personal timeout and hit save.

Forcing an Immediate Password Lock Out after Choosing "Don't ask me again in the next 5 minutes"

When the Secure macro times out from the secret decrypted screen, you will need to reenter your password to decrypt your secret once again. You may choose to defer this by ticking the Don't ask me again for 5 minutes checkbox.

If Decrypting a Secret

  1. If you chose the Don't ask me again for 5 minutes option while decrypting a secret, the Secure macro will no longer ask for your password for the next 5 minutes even if you close the secret decrypted screen, or if the secret decrypted screen automatically times out.

  2. You can force the Secure macro to bypass the 5 minutes and lock out by going to the pulldown menu on the secret decrypted screen and choosing Close and lock out.

  3. After choosing this option, you will need to enter your password again to decrypt the secret.

If Editing a Secure Macro

  1. If you chose the Don't ask me again for 5 minutes option when editing the Secure macro, it will no longer ask for your password for the next 5 minutes.

  2. While in the Edit Secure Macro screen, there will also be an extra Lock Out button.

  3. Choosing Lock Out will immediately force you to enter you password if you try to edit the Secure macro again.
    (info) Choosing Lock Out will not save any changes made.


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