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What is a legacy secret?


To understand what “legacy secrets” are and how the improved version of Security and Encryption for Confluence Cloud enables users to have enhanced security.


By mid-October 2023, we will be releasing an improved version of Security and Encryption for Confluence Cloud which utilizes zero-knowledge architecture that provides users with enhanced security. Secrets created before the release are now named “legacy secrets”.

If you have installed Security and Encryption for Confluence Cloud before the release you will need to upgrade your legacy secrets to the new version.

Secrets created after the release will automatically utilize zero-knowledge architecture and do not need to be upgraded.

What is zero-knowledge architecture?

Zero-knowledge architecture is one of the safest ways to store data. The data is encrypted and decrypted locally on your device and the data is never stored unencrypted.

This means no one else, not even our developers, can view your data.

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Next steps

  1. First, ensure that all secret owners have add/delete restrictions granted in space permissions to create and update secrets.

  2. Then, bulk upgrade legacy secrets.

  3. You have successfully transitioned the legacy secrets to secrets that benefit from zero-knowledge architecture.

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