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Step 3 - Troubleshooting known issues when migrating to Security & Encryption Cloud

By mid-October 2023, an improved version of Security & Encryption for Confluence Cloud will be released. Users will enjoy enhanced security

This step will contain all known issues of secure macros that are not migrated to Cloud, along with possible solutions and workarounds.

Symptom in Confluence Cloud after migration



Secure macros appear as Unknown macro:'secure' or Error loading the extension! on their relevant pages

These are Secure macros that are yet to be transformed.

Go to the Secrets page on the left menu, then navigate to the Server Migration tab to complete the transformation steps highlighted in the previous step. 

Secure macros appear as  Error loading the extension! in nested macros.

Confluence Cloud currently does not support nested macros (See CONFCLOUD-68323) which means integration with other apps by way of nesting will be limited.

In the example below, a Secret macro is nested within an Expand macro (a standard Confluence macro). This Secret would not be migrated unless it is moved out of the Expand macro.


As a workaround, move the secrets outside of the nested macros in server before performing the migration.
Failed migration

The Security & Encryption for Confluence app user has to have permission at space settings for the migration to be successful. 

Check the permission of the Security & Encryption for Confluence app user, see the example below. This user should exist and have sufficient permissions. 

Migration is incomplete

Secure macros belonging to owners with no product access to Confluence Cloud will not be transformed correctly to Cloud - this will result in the error Migration is incomplete.


Run through the steps below:

  1. In server- find the owner of the Secure data of the failed secrets.
  2. In Cloud - navigate to Settings > General Configuration > User Management
    1. Navigate to Product access
    2. Ensure the user has Site access

      Here is an example ..

Secure macros cannot be transformed if the Confluence administrator does not have Add page access to the target page where the Secret will be transformed to. This too will result in the error Migration is incomplete.


Run through the steps below:

  1. In server - find the original page of the Secure data of the failed secrets.
  2. In Cloud- navigate to the same page hierarchy as previous. Enable Add page permission at Space settings for the user performing the migration.

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