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Restoring deleted secrets

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When a secret is deleted, it is sent to the Trash. It is also removed from the list of secrets.

A deleted secret will no longer be accessible through its direct URL. In the audit logs, the secret will be marked as “Deleted”.

As a space administrator, you can restore or purge deleted secrets. Purging will remove the secret from Confluence in its entirety, except for its audit logs.

Restoring a secret

When a deleted secret is restored, all the information and functionality are recovered. Follow these steps to restore:

  1. Click on Space Settings, and under Manage pages, click Trash

  2. Find the deleted secret to recover.

  3. Click Restore and follow the confirmation dialog.

When restoring an upgraded legacy secret, you will be prompted to the secret and the secret info. Click Restore for both. (See image below.)

Known issue

Restored secrets do not appear in search results due to a known bug in Confluence. See CONFCLOUD-70589.

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