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How to bulk update legacy secrets?

By mid-October 2023, an improved version of Security & Encryption for Confluence Cloud will be released. Users will enjoy enhanced security


Legacy secrets are secrets that were created before the upgraded Security and Encryption for Confluence Cloud release that utilizes zero-knowledge architecture.

Legacy secrets can be bulk upgraded to enjoy the upgrade’s enhanced security.

All secrets, including legacy secrets, will be found under the Secrets tab. If the secret has not been upgraded, it will be marked “Legacy”.



  1. Click Secret List on the left column menu.

  2. Then, select the Secrets Upgrade tab.

  3. Click Bulk Upgrade.

Closing the browser during the bulk upgrade may result in failed upgrades.

  1. The secrets will be removed from the Secrets Upgrade page. Only secrets that have not been upgraded or have failed to upgrade will be listed on the page.

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