The latest version of Security and Encryption includes the new Insights tab which displays the most accessed Secrets, users who have accessed the most Secrets and stale Secrets. Only space administrators can access the Insights tab. 

The information here can be used for analytics purposes and also to complement Security and Encryption's auditing function,

(warning) The Insights tab currently displays data based on the last 6,000 events in the audit log. This means older events in the log may not show up under Insights.

Accessing insights

  1. On the left sidebar, click Secrets.

  2. In the Secrets window, click on the Insights tab.

    (warning)  You can't see this tab if you're not a space administrator.

  3. You will see a table with the five most accessed Secrets and users who have accessed the most Secrets.

  4. Below the Most accessed secrets section, you will see the Stale secrets section. It lists Secrets which have not been updated for more than 90 days, based on the Last updated date.

    (info) The Stale secrets section will not list trashed Secrets or purged Secrets. However, it will list restored Secrets if they are older than 90 days.