The "Deny access" control is now deprecated, and is no longer available in the latest version of Security & Encryption. It was previously located under Access → Access control

If you have existing Secrets which are configured with "Deny access", refer to the "Resolution" section below.


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Diagnostics Steps

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This "Deny access" control is deprecated in preparation for future improvements in this app's access control features. 


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If you have created Secrets with an earlier version of Security & Encryption, here's what you need to know:

  • (warning) For now, existing Secret macros which use “Deny access” will still work the same as they were originally configured. but “Deny access” will be removed in the future. You should edit all such Secrets and configure them to use "Allow access" instead.

  • When Secret macros with “Deny access” are edited they can no longer be saved without first changing it to “Allow access”.

  • Existing Secret macros with “Allow access" control can no longer be changed to “Deny access”.

  • You can no longer create new Secrets with use the “Deny access” control.