When you create a Secret macro, it is automatically available as an entity for the whole space.

In other words, Secret macros belong to a space, and the page that you added the secret to is just a "location" where it is available. This means you can copy a secret to multiple pages within a space. 

Copying secrets to another space

  • Currently, you cannot copy secrets to pages located  in other spaces, even if they reside on the same server. When a secret is created, it is created as an entity for that specific space only.
  • However, there is a feature request track for this at SEC-I-85. Please subscribe and comment with your use case.


  1. Go to the page where the secret is located.


    You can find out where your secrets is located by referring to to this page: Finding out where a secret is being used.
  2. Edit the page.
  3. Select the secret macro and copy it by pressing ctrl-c or command-c (Macs), or you can right-click → copy.
  4. Go to the page that you want the secret to be copied to.
  5. Paste the secret by pressing ctrl-v or command-v (Macs), or you can right-click → paste.
  6. Now the new secret will also be associated with the new page. 
    1. If you use the Finding out where a secret is being used feature, you will see that the new page will be listed under Location.