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SLA success rate report

Report summary

Tracking the backlog of a support agent helps to understand the ticket workload capacity and efficiency in handling customers. The agent workload report displays the tickets that are currently assigned to the support customer which are being worked on and tickets that have been resolved and closed. 

Report type



Report MetricDetails

 The total number of successful SLA / total number of issues * 100%

SLA Average Cycle Time

The average time taken for all the tickets moved from the point it was created to reaching a resolution and closed.


You would like to know the SLA success rate and the average time taken for the selected SLA.

  1. Click on Apps > Support Dashboards.
  2. In the Support Dashboards Reports for JSM window, click View Dashboard, then click Create a report. 
  3. Click on SLA Report
  4. Add the following details, then click Save:
    1. Data Source - The data source of the project you want to derive the SLA from.
    2. Report Type - Choose SLA Success Rate.
    3. Report Name - A relevant name to capture the content of the report. 
    4. SLA - Choose all or some of the SLA in the project.
    5. Duration - Choose the preset timeline given or customize your own timeline of tickets created.
    6. Refresh Frequency - Set the rate of the report being updated with new raw data. 

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