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Why do I get "Too many users to process" error when using User Options?


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When you see this error message, you can mitigate this by:

  1. Setting the type of the List Data macro to auto complete, OR;

  2. Narrowing down the options by providing more specific parameters.

    1. Group(s): Avoid using default user groups (e.g. confluence-users).

    2. Space(s): Avoid using the "view" permission for spaces that all users can view (e.g. SPACE:view).

    3. Match: Use the default "all" option to create an "AND" query returning more specific results.

The User Options limit is set by your administrator to avoid performance issues that may come from querying a huge number of users and their permissions.

If you're an administrator, refer to the Configuring the limit for User Options results guide to configure the limit.

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