Why are Jira links not visible at navigation area when Jira macro is used within Text Data macro?


For some of the affected Scaffolding versions, Jira links would occasionally fail to get created when the Jira macro is used within Text Data macro. A Scaffolding bug was causing XML parsing exceptions. As a result, Jira link creation would fail.


  • Add the links from Jira, either manually or with a script.


The corrected pages will now show the Jira links, as shown in the image below: 

This issue was resolved completely in Scaffolding 8.24.0. However, only newly-created links will be fixed. To fix existing pages to show the correct links, please use one of the resolution options below:

Option 1: Single page resolution

If there are only a small number of affected pages, these manual resolution steps can be used:

  1. Upgrade to the latest Scaffolding version.

  2. Visit the affected page.

  3. Click on edit contents and remove the Jira macros. Save the page.

  4. Click on edit contents again and put the Jira macros back. Save the page.

  5. The link will be established.

  6. Repeat for other affected pages.

Option 2: Bulk page resolution

If there are too many affected pages to fix manually, you can use a variation of a simple script we have created, refer to Scaffolding to Jira Link Creator Script.