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Using the Hidden Data Macro to Selectively Hide or Show Content

This guide will help you understand and use the Hidden Data macro which allows you to hide or show content depending on the parameters you set.





Hidden Macro


Basic Data Hiding

  1. Start by creating a Hidden Data macro.

  2. Within the hidden-data macro, enter any data that you want hidden away from users. (Note that users with access to editing functions will still be able to view the hidden data by editing the page.)

Combining with Other Scaffolding Macros

Sometimes you may want to show certain information only when it's available. By combining with another Scaffolding macro, such as Text Data, you can make it so that the information is only displayed on the page if it is entered in a Scaffolding form.

For instance, consider the following usage:

When the Text Data macro is empty, the page will not display the sentence.

However, when some content is placed inside the Text Data macro, like this:

The content that was hidden previously will no longer be hidden:


Not applicable.


Not applicable.

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