Ever had to create new pages where they were all the same layout and had similar content?

Sure, you could create a global template or a space template to make the job easier but if you had to make a minor edit in the template, it wouldn't be reflected in all the pages that used the same global or space template. You'd have to edit each page one by one!

Scaffolding can make your life easier with the Live Template macro.

Live Templates are dynamic templates that you only need to edit once, and the changes are reflected automatically across all the pages that use that template. No extra action required.

Let's watch this:


Live Template


  1. Create a global or space template with Scaffolding macros, if you'd like to use Confluence templates.
    Alternatively, you can create a normal page because the macro works with both options.
  2. Type {live-template} on an empty page.
  3. Edit the Live Template macro, choose the template type and enter the name of template you created in Step 1.
  4. Save the page and you're done!

Now every time you edit the template, the page or any other page with the Live Template set to that template will update automatically.