This guide will help you insert a simple form with two separate, easily editable sections. 




Data section (Beta), Text Data


Create the first data section macro:

  1. Start by inserting a Data section macro onto your page.

  2. Add a header, "Project Description" near the top of the data section. Then, just below the header add a Text data macro name it "TextDataProjDescr".

Create the second data section macro:

  1. Insert another Data section macro and add a title to this section, "Project Team Members".

  2. Within the Data section macro, create a dynamic table using the steps provided in the link. As part of the steps, also add Text Data macros within it. Structure the macros as shown below.

  3. Save the page to continue.

Use the Edit Section buttons to enter data separately for each section:

  1. You can now click on the Edit Section buttons on the page to enter data for each section. 

  2. For this example, click the Edit Section button for "Project Team Members".  The editor loads quickly, and only shows the table for team members. The rest of the page is not shown.

  3. Enter the data as you normally would, then click Save when you are done. The page is updated with your changes.

You can still use the standard Edit Content button which loads the entire page.


Not applicable.


Note: buttons are not functional in this sample screenshot: