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Quick Start - An Introduction to Scaffolding

What's Missing in Confluence?

Confluence is an easy-to-use tool for sharing unstructured data in the native Confluence environment.

However, as our users tell us, some tasks are difficult to do in Confluence:

  • Easily collecting and displaying structured data

  • Creating and enforcing consistency in how data is handled, accessed and presented

  • Capturing and delivering structured data across groups and teams

Scaffolding allows all this and more.

What is Scaffolding?

Scaffolding is a powerful add-on tool for Atlassian Confluence to help you manage structured data with editable forms and reusable linked templates. Scaffolding includes custom macros that capture, store and manage structured data on a Confluence page. The data can then be manipulated, evaluated or compiled into reports.

What Scaffolding Provides

Consider these features when evaluating Confluence forms solutions:




User Community

(tick)Visit our Scaffolding Community to learn from our experienced user community

Ease of use


Access powerful and easy to use text and date editors, plus flexible drop-down lists



Create templates to help structure data collections and presentation

Dynamic Forms


Use the Confluence Edit Content capability to enter data and create new entries

Drop-down List Selections


Access customer drop-down lists

Advanced List Selections


Use custom drop-down lists based on attachments, images, users pages and other non-text selections

In-Form Calculations


Display the data gather in Scaffolding with numeric summaries and data analysis

Dynamical Show/hide data


Control the data displayed to your users based on custom constraints

Custom data retrieval/grouping


Display your data using custom grouping and display rules



Basic report capability of Scaffolding can be enhanced with the advanced features of the ServiceRocket Reporting Add-on for Confluence



Add advanced reporting and SQL database access with the ServiceRocket Reporting Add-on and the M20 Reporting Connector for SQL Databases

Not What You're Looking For?

For information on more advanced topics, consult these pages:

Need Help?

Our forum pages on the Atlassian Community website are a thriving community filled with members and users of ServiceRocket's products who can also help you with any issue.

Check out the Scaffolding section on the Atlassian Community website!

Our support team is also here to help. You can contact us by clicking here.

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