Let's dynamically populate a list with pages created in Confluence.

This can be done using List Option and Content Options and one of the advantages of doing this is the list may grow or shrink over time depending on the content.





Content Options, List Data


  1. Create a table like the one in the following image:

  2. Insert Date Data macros into the "Start Date" and "End Date" columns, like in the following image:

    For this example, we have given the macros a name of "startint" and "endint" respectively.

  3. In the "Tutorials Selected" column, insert a List Data macro.
    Give it a suitable name (in this example, we've used "ScafTutorials") and tick the Allow Multiple checkbox.

  4. Within the List Data macro, insert a Content Options macro.
    Enter a spacename in Space(s) and a page name in Parent.
    For this example, we used this current space ("SCAF") for the Parent, we used the Basic Tutorials page.

  5. Now you are able to click Edit Contents to enter your data.

    A list of Confluence pages should appear in the listbox under "Tutorials Selected". Remember that you can press Ctrl to select multiple options.


  • If the parent/ancestor is in the same space, you can either enter the page title only or space key followed by page title for the parameter.

  • If the parent/ancestor are in different spacesenter the space key followed by page title. e.g.: SPACE:Page Title

  • Beware of performance issues with Content Options. Use sparingly.