This guide will show you how to output Get Data macro text in bold.


Diagnostics Steps

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  1. Create a List Data macro.  Set the Name parameter as "test".

  2. Add two List Option macros.

  3. In the first List Option macro, set the Value parameter as "this is bold" and in the macro type "this is bold".

  4. In the second List Option macro, set the Value parameter to something relevant. In this example, we have entered "this is not bold".

  5. Now add a Get Data macro and set the Name to "test", which is the List Data we created.

  6. Right below the Get Data macro, create a Wiki Markup macro.

  7. In the Wiki Markup macro, type the following: "*{get-data:name=test}{get-data}*".

  8. You will now see the Get Data information is now being displayed in bold by using wiki markup.