Confluence Server supports the Live Template macro with various template types.

However, the Live Template macro in Cloud supports different template types. Therefore, migration of Live Template to Cloud may be limited.

This document highlights the limitations and differences.


  • Confluence Cloud

  • Scaffolding Forms and Templates for Confluence Cloud

Diagnostics Steps

Not applicable.


Due to differences of the macros and limitations in Cloud, Live Template macros in Cloud can only accept some of the template types used in Live Template macros in Server.


A workaround for Global Template migration is available in the Resolution section below.


Template Type



Notes about Server - Cloud migration




Can be migrated automatically

Space Template(tick)


Can be migrated automatically

Global Template(tick)


(warning) Due to CCMA limitations, Server Global template can't be automatically migrated to Cloud. All Global Template have to be manually copied to Space Template before the migration. Read more about the steps here.

Confluence Blueprint(error)(tick)
Scaffolding Blueprint(tick)(error)

Scaffolding Blueprint is not supported in Cloud and will not be migrated to Cloud