The default Edit Contents screen for the Text Data macro may be too small if you have is a lot of information to add.  This workaround lets you change the size of the window and edit area.


  • Confluence Server / Data Center

  • Scaffolding 8.22.3 and above

Diagnostics Steps

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You can use the following CSS Stylesheet:

#rte-editor {
margin-top: 0;
margin-left: 0;
width: calc(98vw - 40px);
left: 1vw;
top: 1vh;
background-color: #f0f0f0;
.scaffoldingeditor #rte-editor #rte { 
width: calc(98vw - 40px);
div#rte {
height: calc(98vh - 160px);
.scaffoldingeditor #rte-editor #rte.cell {
height: calc(98vh - 160px);
/* Set the color to blue for the Done button */
.scaffoldingeditor #aui-button aui-button-primary {
aui-button-primary-text-color: #0065ff;

The CSS styling above can be applied as a Global or Space stylesheet or applied directly on the page using CSS Stylesheet (by Adaptavist) macro.

Once you have added the CSS styling, the Edit Contents window would appear bigger like below screen:


Please note that this is considered a customization and thus falls outside the scope of support.  


Not applicable.