How do I enable migration logs?


We have implemented a logging feature which can be useful to track start, progress and completion of migration event. This migration logs can also help with debugging should there is any issue with the migration process.

Follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Cog Icon  > General Configuration.

  2. In the sidebar, under Administration, click on Logging and Profiling:

  3. On the Logging and Profiling screen, you will need to Add a New Entry

    1. Add net.customware.confluence.plugin.scaffolding.migration  as a new entry in Class/Package Name.

    2. Set the New Level to INFO to see start, progress and completion of the migration process 

      1. Set the New Level to DEBUG to see page mappings and form data being sent and to further debug the migration process should there is any issue with the migration process (warning) any sensitive data in the forms will be logged when this is enabled

    3. Click Add entry.

    4. Scroll down and click Save.

  4. Perform the migration as per specified in Step 2 - Proceed with Cloud migration

  5. Save the log. You can find the log file here: <confluence-installation>/home/logs/atlassian-confluence.log

  6. Contact Support and provide this log file together with the wiki markup and metadata of the affected page.

Removing the Debug Entry

After saving the log file, you may, for any reason, want to disable the logging. Here's how you do it:

  1. Return to the Logging and Profiling screen.

  2. Locate the entry that you have added

  3. Click Remove.

  4. The Debug Entry will also be removed automatically if the Confluence instance is restarted.