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Getting a system error message when accessing a page with Scaffolding


Scaffolding add-on is suspected to cause page restoration to fail. When restoring older pages from Page History > Restore, it failed and user would see the following error:

"Unable to instantiate Action, com.servicerocket.confluence.randombits.conveyor.xwork.OverriddenAction, defined for 'dorevertpagebacktoversion' in namespace '/pages'Plugin '{}' has no container"


  • Confluence v6.1.1 and later

  • Scaffolding v8.16.2

Diagnostics Steps

Enable Safe Mode followed by enabling only Scaffolding and ServiceRocket Utility Library plugins. Verify if the issue is still reproducible with only Scaffolding and ServiceRocket Utility Library plugins enabled.


groovy-all v2.1.6 makes a call to conveyor class in ServiceRocket Utility Library plugin utilised by Scaffolding which then affected page restoration process and subsequently caused it to fail


List down the workaround if any, if not state it as "none". If it involves some steps user should take, use numbering.


Uninstall groovy-all v2.1.6 plugin from Plugin Manager followed by Confluence restart. The issue would then be resolved.

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