Specifies selected sections of the page which can be edited without needing to edit the entire page. This is useful for large documents which are regularly edited, but only in a few specific sections. 

This macro creates a designated section for Scaffolding data that allows users to edit the Scaffolding content within the selected section. You may create multiple Data section macros on the same page or template.

Editor View


The following are currently not supported in this macro:

  1. Use of multiple data macros with the same name at the data section macro or on the same page will fail to provide accurate results. This is to avoid data confusion with values rendered for this scenario, instead use Group data macro.

  2. Concurrent user edit will fail as this will result in overwritten data.

  3. Use of Confluence wiki markup currently is not supported.

  4. Migration from Confluence Server to Confluence Cloud is currently not supported. When migrating Scaffolding pages that contain the Data section macro to Cloud, it will appear as an “Unknown macro: data-section”. Scaffolding data that resides within the Data section macro will not be migrated.