Let's create a simple form containing text, numeric data and select lists.

Let's watch this:

In this tutorial, we will use Scaffolding to create a form for a user to fill in with data. Then, we will reuse that data and display it in a structured way.





List Data, Live Template, Text Data


Create a simple form:

  1. Create a table as in the following image:


  2. Add Scaffolding macros like Text Data, Collecting and Displaying Data in a Structured Way, List Data, List Option, and Number Data as in the following image.

    Remember to give each macro a meaningful name.

  3. You can now click Edit Contents to enter data into the form.


  • To simplify editing of Text Data you can set the Content Type to text instead of richtext

  • To allow multiple selection for List Data you need to click on Allow Multiple

  • If there are many pages with the similar content consider using Live Template

  • Remember to use unique Names to avoid conflicts


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