Let's create a simple FAQ form by using Scaffolding's repeating sections feature.

Let's watch this:





Repeating Data


Create a simple FAQ form:

  1. Start by inserting a Repeating Data macro.
    For the macro name, let's use "FAQ".

  2. Within that Repeating Data macro, create a table like in the following image:


  3.  Now, insert text-data macros into the empty cells of the table, like in the following image:


    Name the first macro "question" and the second, "answer".
    You may also set parameters for each macro, such as the type.
    In this example, the first macro has been set to type line, and the second macro is left at its default type, area, such as in the following image:

  4. You have now completed creating a simple FAQ form.
    After saving, you can now add FAQs by clicking Edit Content.

  5. Click the + button to create FAQs.


  • Unlike Table Data, each section can consist of several lines.

  • Remember to use unique Names to avoid conflicts


Frequently Asked Questions


How long is the product warranty on Acme Gadget?


Our standard warranty is one year, however, you will get one additional year warranty if you register your device.


What is covered in the Acme warranty?


The Acme warranty covers factory defects which include faulty display, charging and battery issues. The warranty does not cover wear and tear and accidental damage caused by the user.


My Acme Gadget is not responding, what can I do?


If your Acme Gadget freezes or becomes unresponsive, you may need to do a hard reset. Press and hold the power button for 30 seconds. When you release the power button, the device should be reset and function as before.