Let's create a table with a checklist that contains special characters such as emoticons.





Date Data, List Data, List Option, Number Data, Table Data


  1. Start by inserting a Table Data macro.
    Let's give it the name "Mood Table".

  2. Inside the Table Data macro, create a table like the one in the following image:

  3. Using the Date Data, Number Data, List Data and List Option macros, fill in the cells of the "Mood Table" in the Table Data macro, like in the following image:

  4. Click on each List Data macro, and click Edit.
    We want the options to be displayed as checklists so under the Type pull-down menu, choose check.

  5. In each List Option macro, remember to insert a relevant emoticon ( (smile)(sad) or (big grin) ) and then give each macro a corresponding value, such "Happy", "Sad" or "Excited".

  6. You can now click Edit Contents and fill in the data in the "Mood Table".


Remember to use unique Names to avoid conflicts.