Let's create a list box with a list of labels that a user can select. These labels will then be applied to the page.





Label Options, List Data


  1. Create a table with 1 column and 2 rows, like the one in the following image:

  2. Inside the table, insert a List Data macro.
    Let's give the macro a Field Name of "topics" and tick the Allow Multiple checkbox.

  3. Inside the List Data macro, insert a Label Options macro.

  4. In the Edit 'Label Options' Macro window, the Name field allows you to type in multiple labels for which you want to appear as a list.

    In this example, we have used the words "Scaffolding, Tutorial, FAQ, Reference, Guide" as labels.

  5. You may now click Edit Contents to select which words you want as labels for the page.
    To select multiple choices, press Ctrl as you click.  


To make best use of this feature, use it with Live Template.