When editing the Field group macro or a Live template using Field Group macro, there are different buttons and status notifications.

This FAQ details the definition of each publication status available in the Live template and Field group macro. 


Field group macro button, statuses and notification

Publication status

Edit Content:

  • Click on the button to start the editing process of the live template.
  • The content that you can view has been saved from the previous editing session.

Saving... :

  • This notification status is shown when you start making changes on the page. The changes made are being actively saved as a draft.
  • When this notification is shown, you will not be able to click the Discard draft button. 

Draft saved:

  • Once the changes are saved, you will see this status.

There are new published changes:

  • Is shown when there are changes to field group fields, addition or removal of fields. 
  • If one user publishes the page while another user is editing it, this message will be shown.

Edit draft:

  • If you click Close after you have changed the content of the macro, you will see this option. The content is still within draft form and has not been published yet.

Draft loaded:

  •  Clicking on Edit draft will notify the user that the draft has been loaded.

Discard draft:

  • You will lose the changes made and the content will revert to the original state before any editing was done.


  • You will publish the changes made in draft. Once published, you will see the Edit
     button again indicating that it is not in draft mode anymore.