Users with the proper permissions can view or restore earlier versions of pages with Scaffolding content by using the standard Confluence Page History feature.

On Cloud, there is currently no "Scaffolding History" feature like the one in Scaffolding Server.

We are gathering feedback on a "Scaffolding History" feature for Cloud. You can leave your feedback here.

Viewing earlier versions of a page via Page History

  1. On the page with Scaffolding data, click on ... > Page History.

  2. The page history will be displayed with the version numbers and publish dates. You can click on a version number to view an earlier page.

Restoring earlier versions of a page via Page History

  1. While in Page History, you can also restore an earlier version of a page (perform a rollback) by clicking on Restore in the version row.

The Actions column will appear blank to users without the proper edit permissions to the page.