We now have a field group template library for you to use. Learn more at Using the field group template library.

After you insert a Scaffolding Field Group macro, you can drag the needed fields from the sidebar into the editor area. Here's a quick overview of all the available fields:



Short Text

A field for entering smaller amounts of textual data which don't require line breaks. Usually used for fields such as name, job title, department, etc. Only plain text is supported.


A field for entering larger amounts of textual data which can include line breaks. Usually used for fields such as description, bio, product details, etc. Rich text is supported.


Allows the user to key in integers and decimal numbers. This field does not accept non-numerical input.  

Date Field

Allows editing of dates with a date picker pop-up menu, or via keying in directly into the date field.

Dropdown List

Generates a dropdown list with custom options.

Page List

Generates a set of links to other Confluence content, such as pages and blog posts. The generated links are kept up-to-date even if the referenced pages are renamed or moved.

User List

Creates a dropdown that allows the selection of one or more users from a specific group. You can refer to this user guide page on how to add a dropdown list of users.

Files List

Adds a dropdown list that shows the current page's attachments, or another page's attachments as specified in the field configuration. Users can then select an attachment.

Table Field

Creates a table that supports dynamic addition or deletion of rows. Any field type other than the Table Field itself can be used inside its cells. The table is a meta field that holds other fields like Short Text, Paragraph, Number, Date, and more. You can also refer to this user guide page on how to create a dynamic table.

Attachment Upload

Allows users to specify an attachment to upload, or to select a previously-uploaded attachment.