Dynamically inherit a template's structure and layout. Changes to the template will be automatically reflected on this page. It is best used together with the Field Groupmacro.

See Key concepts to learn about the functionality you can unlock with this macro.


You can also use or customize 11 field group templates. To learn more, read Using the field group template library 




Default Value


Template type
Confluence template/blueprint

The type of the template to use. May be one of:

  • Confluence template/blueprint - The type of page template to import and render template. Note that if a space template and global template has the same name, the space template gets priority.
  • Confluence page - a Confluence page. This is a good option if you would like the template to be edited by non-space administrators.
[current space]

The space where the template is located. Leave blank for the current space.

This parameter is used together with the Template name parameter.

Template name

The name of the page template to import and render. You can select the relevant template from a list of suggested values.

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IssueDetailsKnowledge Base
Issues with large number of pages.

  • If a live template is being used for a large number of pages (e.g. hundreds or thousands of pages), any changes to the live template document may take some time to propagate to all the affected pages. It would be equivalent to editing all the pages at the same time.
  • This means end users may briefly see old content on pages instead of the newly-changed/added content. Similarly, the new content may not be immediately indexed by Confluence, so it may not show up in searches right away. Confluence will usually propagate and index new content within a few minutes.
  • Also, users who happen to be viewing the page when it was being changed may be prompted to reload the page.

Issues with global templates
  • (warning) Due to a Confluence Cloud limitation, you will not be able to preview field group macros in a Global template. You can review the final template in pages.
Why can't I preview Scaffolding cloud macros in global templates?
Issues with images & files
  • (warning) Due to a Confluence Cloud limitation, when creating a template, Images & Files are disabled in the Field Group macro. 

  • (warning) Due to a Confluence Cloud limitation, when creating a template, Files & Images are disabled in the Tabs macro. 

Issues with Scaffolding Field Group
  • There is no option to edit the Scaffolding Field Group macro in a template (global or space).

Unable to edit Scaffolding Field Group once it has been saved in a template
Issues with Include Page macro

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